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Designing solutions to everyday problems is something I enjoy doing, outside of the employed creative work I do. I’ve usually experienced the impact of the problem I’m trying to solve, so my goal is often to make life easier and safer.

Here are some example solutions I've produced. Most are conceptual ideas, using websites and prototypes as minimal viable products to gauge interest. I’m always interested in hearing feedback, particularly from developers and investor partners looking to collaborate in bringing them to life.

Pick The Right Carriage

Seetz App (2021)

Getting a train seat on popular routes, particularly in rush-hour, can prove difficult. Where to stand on the platform and choosing your carriage has always been somewhat of a lottery. Often finding yourself scrabbling up or down the platform, once a packed carriage has stopped before you

The Seetz app aims to alleviate this problem, by allowing travellers to see real-time carriage passenger volume for the next arriving train. It will then direct you to a platform position with the most optimum chance of getting a seat.

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Seetz App

Traffic Jam Ranking

Traffic Jam Ranking App (2017)

We’ve all been there; you’re travelling down the motorway and the traffic comes to a sudden standstill. There are plenty of traffic avoidance solutions available, but nothing that answers the frustrating questions you have when you inevitably find yourself in a traffic jam. Questions like ‘How long is this queue?’, ‘What’s going on up front?’ and ‘When will we be moving again’?

Using the GPS location of all queuing vehicles that have Qranka, the application provides you a real-time queue position (‘rank’), that updates as the vehicles in front start to move. Your approximate queue length can also be calculated using the same information.

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Q-Ranka Traffic Ranking App

Level Crossing Countdown

Level Crossing App (2013)

Finding a closed level crossing on your travel  route can be huge inconvenience, especially if its on a daily commute. As well as  adding time to your journey, crossing closures  also contribute to local road congestion, with built - up traffic adding to noise and air pollution. The safety issues surrounding UK level crossings are also well documented, with fatal accidents at railway crossings regularly in the news.

The Level Crossing Countdown app offer both closure  scheduling and safety notification solutions to it’ s potential users.

Read detailed information about the concept at the app's introductory website.

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Level Crossing App

M20 Junction Hopper?

M20 Traffic Flow (2018)

Google Maps is great, but filtering down to the specific information you need quickly, can take time. This is often the case for viewing real-time traffic visuals for your daily commute.

Originally a project for employee's at Eureka Park in Kent, '' allows daily users of the M20 motorway to check and share live traffic information. The clear and intuitive site navigation uses the motorway entry and exit junctions, plus users can view their own active position in relation to motorway traffic.

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M20 Traffic